Travel Tips to Survive Long Flights

Let’s admit it, air travel has a way of stressing anyone out. Arriving at your destination feeling fresh and radiant is a challenging feat. Dehydrated skin, frizzy hair, lipstick munched away during the last insipid meal, and dark circles from all the times you were jolted awake due to mid-air turbulence are the aftermath of a long haul flight. 

However, while it can be challenging, it is not impossible. Following a few simple tips while travelling can help you looking and feeling refreshed pre and post journey.

Here you go:

Go au naturel: 

There is a time when makeup is your best friend, this isn’t one of them. Avoid makeup or keep it minimal. Limit yourself to a concealer and lip balm, that’s it. Your skin will thank you.


Cabin temperature is set to dry out your skin (not intentionally, of course) and will leave your skin feeling parched. Pack some moisturizer in a small dispenser and apply it every time you feel your skin getting dry. Be liberal with the lip balm, as your lips can get dry too. And let’s not forget your eyes; eye drops need to be part of the ‘stay fresh’ plan.

Stay hydrated: 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The pressurised air in the cabin will suck the suppleness out of your complexion leaving it dull and lifeless. To ensure that does not happen, keep sipping on water to keep your skin hydrated, especially if you plan to enjoy a glass or two of wine with your meal. If you can skip the alcohol, great, as it does your skin no favours.

Sleep well: 

Ok, not so easy to do in flights, but it is important to be well-rested. Try getting 7-8 hours of sleep the day before you travel. If you can manage a few hours on the flight as well that would be perfect as it would give your body the relaxation it needs.

Wear an eye mask: 

Cabin lights flicker or are turned on and off during in-flight announcements. This can be extremely irritating when you are in deep slumber. An eye mask will help avoid these distractions and you will enjoy a good nap. 


Do not underestimate the power of a good stretch. We don’t realize how stiff our legs get from extended sitting till we stand up for a washroom break and feel a numbing sensation in our feet. To avoid that discomfort, do simple stretch exercises or walk about to keep that blood circulation going. 

Carry a roll-on:

Nobody likes body odour. And even if you don’t reek of sweat, a dab of deo won’t hurt. A roll-on or deo stick is easier to get past security checks and the fragrance is mostly subtle. Just perfect to make you feel fresh but not give your co-passenger a headache. 

Keep a few toiletries handy:

Not too many. Just the basics like a dental hygiene kit, wet wipes and a mouth freshener (mints will do too). 

Wear comfortable shoes: 

Airports mean a lot of walking and sitting. In both scenarios, comfortable pair of shoes are a Godsend. Slip-on shoes are ideal. Save the gorgeous heels you have been dying to break into for another time. No time for experiments here; travelling is serious business.

Carry an extra change of clothes: 

Wearing loungewear for the duration of the journey will provide you with the much-needed comfort in-flight. You could swap back to what you were wearing once you reach your destination. Purely an option for those who value their in-flight comfort but want to carry the chic airport look too.

Wash your face before you land:

A great face wash can do wonders for your skin. Most serve the dual purpose of cleansing and moisturizing your skin and those are the ones you should opt for. Both of which are extremely crucial post a long haul. 

So, there you go, simple tricks to keep you fresh on a flight. Ready, Set, GLOW.

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